As a Superyacht Chief Stewardess, and a certified Butler, I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with numerous prestigious clients seeking training, a professional insight into the superyacht industry, or conversely, exposure.
  • Yachts that require a prompt and practical detailed butler training for their serviceteam
  • Yachts that have transitioned to charter and are in need of a re-education for theirinterior department.
  • Schools that already offer interior training for superyachts
  • Flight cabin crew training schools that are looking to expand their services, seeking anexpert to introduce them to the ‘yachting world’
  • Hospitality schools focused on UHNW client services
  • Bespoke luxury tableware or toiletries companies considering exposure on socialmedia
  • Amongst many other businesses, large or small, what ever your objectives


Are you any of the above?

Would you like to receive a professional insight from a seasoned superyacht Chief Stewardess?I offer a vast range of training, consultancy and specialised expert services.

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