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I am Jamila García

My yachting career started in June 2010, soon becoming a Chief Stewardess.

I have mainly worked on busy charter boats, ranging from 50 to 62 meters.

In September 2017, I decided to only do freelance work in order to be able to dedicate more time to my "yachting exit plan".

I currently run . An online consultancy service for Spanish speakers wanting to enter the yachting industry.

As you may know by now, on my (very limited) free time, I also love creating useful content about the yachting industry, which I post on my Instagram account on a regular basis.

I created this website as a place for the yachting community to come together.

¡I hope you enjoy it!


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Jamila García, from Foz (a small town on the Spanish North West coast).

I completed a 5 year degree on Advertising and Public Relations, followed by a Masters in Protocol and Events Organisation, in Madrid.

I had always been certain that I did not want to spend my life locked in an office fulfilling other people’s dreams.

During my university years, I used to spend endless hours thinking over and over about what job could satisfy my desire to travel the world and also receive a generous salary for it (I have always aspired to have a ‘good life’).

At that point, the fearsome Spanish crisis was already lurking, and I refused to imagine my immediate future at the unemployment offices queue.

However, having great aspirations is not that easy when you come from a small town, you grew up in a middle-class family, everyone takes you for "crazy" when you talk about your aspirations in life, and you do not have enough financial resources either.

During the summers of my university years, thanks to the scholarships I received for my good grades, I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to the United Kingdom to perfect my English.

I knew that having a good English level would be very important to get a job like the one I wanted.
Although, in all honesty, I did not know the job I wanted, although, I was very clear about the job I did NOT.

During those summers, I worked as "whatever" so I could afford my hostel bedroom (shared with five other people), plus the English course. Therefore, I am perfectly aware of how living
day to day feels.

I grew up in Foz, a small fishermens town on the coast of Galicia, Spain.

A town where you feel the passion for the sea on every corner.

In addition to the sea and travel, my other great passion has always been customer service. Probably as result of belonging to a hospitality family for generations.

And so, almost as if by chance, one day, I received a phone call that would change my life ...

Some of the places where I have been featured...

For you to know me a little better, these are a few of the sites where I have been featured.

Ten years have passed since I set foot on my first yacht.

I was absolutely fascinated about my new job, and new life, from the very beginning.

I worked with all my enthusiasm, was always happy to do whatever the Chief Stewardess asked me to, no matter how “unpleasant” that task was, and how little I liked it.

Maybe that’s the reason why I moved up so quickly.

In the space of a few months I had already become the Second Stewardess of a 56 meter motor yacht, with 13 crew members. Shortly after, I achieved my first Chief Stewardess position.

I decided to create this space as a creativity outlet.

A place where we can all share our knowledge and experiences in order to help others.

Although I proudly run my own business aside yachting, which takes pretty much all of my time, I will try to keep this space updated on a regular basis.

As well as posting information and usefull tools that we can all use and share with others.